Study Abroad U.S.A.: High School vs College

hs vs college.jpeg

Many students want to study abroad in the U.S., for distinct reasons. You might ask yourself, when is the best time to study abroad? That is a question many international students are asking themselves. If you are undecided if you should study abroad at an early age and attend high school or wait until you get older and attend college. This post is for you and for those who are looking for more information on the topic.

Here are the main differences between high school and college in the U.S., and hopefully that will make your decision a bit easier:


Remember, any time will be a good time. The most important thing for you to think is- what is the main reason for you to study abroad? Do you want to improve your English? Do you want to increase your chances in getting into a very prestigious college/university in the U.S.? Do you want to work in the U.S.? Do you want to travel and meet new friends? Do you want to learn about a new culture? Do you want to become independent?

It’s all about you! No one should tell you when the best time for you to study abroad is. If you believe you are too young to study abroad, then maybe wait until college. Do you have the funds and the maturity to study abroad and you are only 16? Then, take advantage and participate in a high school program. At the end of the day, anyone that study abroad is allowing themselves to immerse in a new culture, learn new things, and learn about themselves. Study abroad is a personal and unique experience that cannot be compared. Take your time, do your research, save enough money, and enjoy your time abroad!

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