4 Tips to Immerse Yourself in Another Culture



When you study abroad, the best way to understand an unfamiliar place is with culture immersion. Only when you truly experience the other culture do you start to understand it better. Here are 4 tips to immerse yourself in another culture:


1.    Stay in a Homestay

There is no better way to immerse in a new culture than to live with locals. Living with locals will exposed you to learning experiences that you otherwise would not have been to observe. When you stay in a homestay, you experience a daily life as a local, eat the traditional food, improve your language skills faster, and learn the local customs and traditions.


2.    Make local friends

It might be hard to introduce yourself to others and initiate conversations, but don’t wait for people to initiate contact. You cannot be shy or afraid to create small talk. Sometimes a simple “How are you?” can lead to a great start of a friendship. When you make local friends you start to feel more at home and have the feeling that you fit in. That will make your exchange experience a lot easier.


3.    Try the local food

Trying the local food can be an adventure and one you should be open to. Food can tell you so much about the country’s culture, and what better place to try a new food than in its own place of origin?


4.    Try local activities

It’s easy to fall into the trap of spending most of your time on your computer or watching television in the living room. Try to break free of this pattern. You will be abroad for a short amount of time, so get out of your room and get to know your area. You have the opportunity of a life time; get out of your room and try local activities, be open and you might be surprised on how much you can enjoy trying new activities.



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