American Table Manners - Dos and Don’ts

table manners.jpeg

Every country has its own table manners and rules of etiquette. If you are visiting the United States, whether you are staying in a homestay or not, you should know how you are expected to behave while eating with others. When you are aware of the country’s table manners you become more comfortable at the table and able to present a good impression of yourself. Here is a list of some American table manners rules of dos and don’ts while eating with others:




·         Do arrive on time;

·         Do place your napkin on your lap before you start eating;

·         Do say “excuse me” if you have to leave the table;

·         Do turn off your cellphone or keep it on silent;

·         Do bring hostess a gift when invited to dine at someone’s house;

·         Do sit properly in your chair;

·         Do refuse food by saying “No, thank you”;

·         Do bring your food to your mouth, not the opposite;

·         Do eat in small bites;





·         Don’t start eating until the host tells you, also make sure that everyone have their food on their plates;

·         Don’t sit until host informs you;

·         Don’t chew with your mouth open;

·         Don’t talk with food in your mouth;

·         Don’t lick your fingers;

·         Don’t talk loudly;

·         Don’t lean or reach across someone on the table, instead, ask for food to be passed to you;

·         Don’t place your elbow or arms on the table;

·         Don’t wear hats at the table;

·         Don’t grab food with your hands;

·         Don’t gesture with utensils in your hands;


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