What is a Homestay?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary a Homestay is “a holiday or other period abroad spent staying in the home of a local family”. When you chose a homestay as your accommodation option, you are choosing to live with a local family in their house or apartment for the agreed period by both parties, which can range from weeks to years. A homestay accommodation at Sara’s Homestay includes a fully furnished private room and continental breakfast.

In a homestay you will not only be living in a comfort of a home, but you will be part of an American family. You will be able to see and learn firsthand about the American culture and customs, which makes a homestay a great option for students looking to immerse themselves in another culture and improve their language skills faster.

Besides the level of comfort, cultural immersion, and the opportunity to improve your language skills more quickly, there are many more advantages of choosing a homestay. A homestay offers affordable rates and avoids the costly extra fees for utilities and internet.

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