5 Tips to Maximize Your Homestay Experience

There are many difficulties associated with living with a host family. You do not know the people with whom you are living and it is even harder when you are communicating in a different language. How can you make sure that you enjoy your home abroad as much as possible? Here are five tips to maximize your homestay experience:


1.    Have meals with your host family

If you do not request to have dinner meals included in your stay, try to have breakfast with your host family at least once or twice a week. Eating meals together will make you all get closer and it creates an opportunity to ask questions and learn about each other.


2.    Share your culture with your host family

Even though you are there to learn from them, they are hosting you so that they can also learn about you and your culture. Be open to sharing stories! Some good ways to do this are by showing them photos from your home country, playing your favorite music, showing them how to prepare your favorite meal, talking about local festivals and traditions that you have in your country, and (most importantly) asking them questions about their culture and how it might be different from yours.


3.    Respect your host family

Remember you are not at home; you are someone’s guest and while staying at their home you should respect their culture, values, and house rules. You may not agree with some rules, but if the rules are reasonable you should always abide by them.


4.    Speak up

You should always be honest and speak up to your hosts and let them know if something is bothering you. Sometimes their habits and customs may seem strange to you, but don’t be afraid to ask questions. The better way to understand something is asking questions and talking about it.


5.    Document your good times

Choose a way to document your good times. A photo scrapbook, a daily journal, or creating video Vlogs will be fun to look at many years from now.


 Do you have a tip(s) ? Share in the comments below.