Studying Abroad? Know Which Apps You Should Download Now!

You hear a lot of people saying that it’s not easy to study abroad, but that it’s worth it. Well, nowadays with the advance in technology, there are many applications available for students to expedite the process of learning. Studying abroad has become a lot easier than it used to be.

There are applications for mobiles devices that can help you do better on the things you spend most time at school, such as: (1) Listening to lectures, (2) taking notes (3) doing research, (4) doing homework/assignments, (5) studying for an exam, and (6) writing essays. Here is a list of the applications you should consider downloading as soon as you arrive in your destination:


1.      Evernote (iOS, Android, and sync data available)

One of the things you spend most time in school is listening to lectures and taking notes. Sometimes that can be overwhelming and while you are trying to pay attention to each word the professor is saying, you are also busy writing them down. Well, with Evernote you can record the lecture and write down notes in the same place, allowing you to have everything organized. The best feature is that you can go back and listen to the lecture anytime you want to. If you are more of a visual type of person, no problem! Evernote allows you to take photos of blackboards and pretty much anything and save it on your notes.


2.      iStudiez (iOS) Timetable (Android)

With so many classes and assignments to do, it can be very difficult to remember everything. iStudiez and Timetable keep you stay up to date with your assignments. Both applications allow you to keep your tasks organized, with notification function and sync data available, enabling you to manage your tasks easily.


3.      Instapaper (iOS & Android)

Can you imagine how time consuming it was to do research before the internet? Having to go to the library and search among many books, writing down important sentences, making copies to read at home, endless work! But now because of the internet you can even use your phone to do research on the go.

Instapaper makes your research a lot easier, enabling you to save all your research articles and videos to read anytime anywhere. In addition, it allows you to highlight important sentences and create notes. Having an app to help you organize all your research in different folders, one for each research project you have, can save you a lot of time.


4.      Cram (iOS & Android )

Who doesn’t like to study using flashcards? If you don’t, you should give it a try! From any level of education, flashcards can help you memorize all the information needed before a test, quiz, or exam. Cram is the handy application you want to have for this function.


5.      iA Writer (iOS & Android)

One of the many assignments you must do at school are essays. Essays can be exhausting and time consuming. The iA Writer application can help you write your essays and keep each one of them organized in folders. The iA Writer maintains your focus on your text, from highlighting sentences to different parts of the text. That function enables you to proof read as you write.


Do you know other Application that every student should have on their phones? Let us know in the comments below.