10 American Slang That Every International Student Should Know

In most languages, there are slang terms. Slang is a very informal language, most commonly used while speaking rather than writing. If you are a student who plans to study in the U.S., you should consider learning some slang words beforehand. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for definitions when you don’t understand. Most Americans will find it impressive that you already speak two languages and they do not expect you to know their informal use of language.


Learning some of the popular American slang terms will help you build relationships with your new friends. Here are 20 most common American slangs that you probably won’t learn on your English course:


1.     Hold your horses

Meaning: “to slow down”,” to calm down”

Example:  Hold your horses, I am not ready to leave yet.


2.     Take a rain check

Meaning: “to reschedule”,” to pass on an offer for another time”

Example: Sorry I won’t make it, I will have to take a rain check.


3.     Hang out

Meaning: “to spend time with someone or alone”” place frequent visited”

Examples: Do you want to hang out tomorrow after school?

                  I used to hang out in this park every day.


4.     Ace

Meaning: “excellent”, “great”, “to succeed”

Example: I will ace my exam.


5.     Piece of cake

Meaning: “something easy”

Example: This class is a piece of cake.


6.      Cool

Meaning: “good”, “ok”

Example:  I am cool with going to the beach this weekend.


7.     Creep

Meaning: “an obnoxious person”,” weird person”

Example: He has been following us around, he is such a creep.


8.     Flip out

Meaning: “to get upset”, “to lose control”

Example: He flipped out when I told him that he wasn’t invited to the party.


9.     Hang in there

Meaning: “to tell someone to not give up”,” to be patient”

Example: Hang in there, you will find another job.


10. Screw up

Meaning: “to make a mistake”

Example: He screwed up our project and now we have to do it all over again.



We hope you find this list of slangs words and phrases helpful. Do you have any question? Let us know in the comments below.