5 Tips to Make American Friends



Many international students struggle to make American friends while studying in the U.S because they find it difficult to interact with Americans. What can you do to make American friends? Well, Americans can be more similar to you than you think!

It’s totally normal when international students in the Unites States only make friends with others from the same country. Of course that seems easier since you and the other person already have things in common; you two came from the same country and share the same culture. However, making friends with Americans and others from different countries than yours can be easier than you think. You need to focus on what you and the other person have in common, and you will realize how easy can be to initiate a conversation.

Here are 5 tips to help you make American friends:

1.     Be polite

Americans are very polite. While you are here make sure you always say “excuse me”, “I am sorry”, “thank you”, and “please”.


2.     Be nice

Help others as much as possible, and don’t be shy to ask for help.


3.     Be talkative

A great way to start a conversation is by asking the simple question “how are you today?” and from there you can ask questions that demonstrate that you want to get to know the person. Talk, but also don’t forget to listen. Listening is an important part of a great conversation, always try to find a balance; therefore, talk 50% and listen 50% of the time.


4.     Don’t criticize

Avoid judging others, try to understand instead. Familiarize yourself with the other culture and start to accept and respect people’s differences.


5.     Don’t be so serious

Everyone likes happy people, if you smile often, that will automatically attract people to you.


Do you have any tip(s)? Leave in the comments below.