5 Advantages of Studying at an American University

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The most popular destination for international students is the United States, followed by the UK, according to Worldatlas. There are many benefits of studying in America, and that is why international students choose to study in the U.S. among other countries. Even if studying in the U.S. can be more expensive, it has its advantages over other countries and schools.

If you want to study abroad and are not sure if you should study in the U.S., here are five advantages of studying at an American University to help you with your decision:



1.     Schools reputation

One of the most important reason and advantages of studying in the U.S is because American universities are ranked the top in the world; as a result, American universities are accepted and recognized internationally.



2.     High quality schools

The colleges and universities in the U.S. offer students with advanced technology and research. School quality can be measured by using different criteria such as average SAT scores, student retention, volume of research publications, safety, and reputation, just to name a few.



3.     Diversity in classrooms

Not only do American colleges and universities have very diverse racial and ethnic students on campus, they also have a large community of international students.

The diversity in classrooms allow students to become more open-minded and self-aware of other cultures and differences, and most importantly, it prepares students for their future work career.

International students studying in America will be able to get to know not only American students, but students from all over the world.



4.     Flexible classes and schedules

The colleges and universities in America offer a range of classes and class schedules that a student can choose from. This option is very different from many countries. For example, in Brazil when you enroll in an Undergraduate Degree you have a set of classes and a schedule pre-made that you must follow. You can only choose if you want to study in the morning, afternoon, or evening. There is zero flexibility.

Here in America when you choose your major (main area of study), you can also choose a minor (secondary area of study). Your major and minor do not have to be related to each other, you can have a major in History and a minor in something non-related to your field of study or career goals, but rather something you are passionate about or have a personal interest.

Your class schedule is flexible, meaning your school probably will have more than one class schedule available; therefore, you can choose to attend one class in the morning and another in the evening.



5.     Job opportunities

When you study in the U.S. you have the opportunity to gain work experience in your field of study. Whether through an internship during your studies or a job after you graduate.

Regardless if you want to work in the U.S. or not, by studying in the U.S. you are building your resume and increasing your chances of getting a job back home. Studying abroad adds value to your career because many employers values your international education experience, even if you do not attain working experience abroad. When you study abroad you open your mind to the world and attain cross-culture adaptability and that is very valuable to an employer.



Have you study abroad? Are you thinking about it? Let us know in the comments below what benefited you or why have you decided to study in the U.S?