Things International Students Can Do During Spring Break


If you are an international student, you may or not be familiar with spring break. The spring break is a vacation period which occurs anytime during March to April. It depends on the school terms dates and when Easter falls.

Some schools might have a program during spring break for those students who stay on campus, but if your school does not offer any break program, you might get lonely. Here are some ideas of what you, as an international student, can do during the spring break.



  • Stay in a Homestay

If you are currently living in a homestay, great! Try to enjoy time with your host family. If you are currently living on campus or in a student residence, you might find yourself alone because most students will go back home or travel during the break.

Consider booking a homestay during your break. That way you will get to spend time with other people. Also, if you have a friend who can visit you during your break, you both can book a homestay together since a college dorm or a student residence would not allow your friend to stay over with you, even if they paid for it.



  • Go Travel

Go explore the United States! You do not need a lot of money to travel. Make a budget and stick to it. Book affordable accommodations such as homestay or hostel, travel by bus, and eat at buffets or cheap places. There are many beautiful places to visit that are free such as beaches and parks.



  • Do Volunteer Work

School break is always a fantastic opportunity to gain work experience and improve skills. One way to acquire work experience is by finding volunteer work that is related to your field of study.

Click here to find out tips on how to find volunteer work in the United States.

Before you start your volunteer work make sure it meets the U.S. Department of Labor rules for volunteering, you can also find some of the rules here.


What are the things you like to do during spring break? Let us know in the comments below.