3 Tips to Finding Volunteer Work in the United States

3waysfinding volunteer.jpg

There are many ways to find volunteer opportunities in the United States and to make yourself visible to these opportunities as well. If you are studying or living in the United States and would like to know how you can find volunteer work opportunities, here are three tips to help you find volunteer work that fits your needs and interests:


1.     Use volunteer sites: volunteermatch.org , volunteer.gov and idealist.org.

Many nonprofits organizations use the sites listed to post their availability and needed volunteer work. By using a volunteer website you can narrow down your choices and search for the volunteer work that you believe to be a good match for you.

The first website on the list, volunteermatch.org, is great for people who are looking for volunteer opportunities for causes they are passionate about, such as children & youth, LGBT, and health & medicine.

The second website, volunteer.gov, is great if you are looking for opportunities to work in national parks or with cultural resources.

The third website, idealist.org, is great if you want to gain knowledge and/or skill in your field of study or career field, such as Marketing and Healthcare.



2.     Visit a volunteer center in your city

Another great way to learn about volunteer opportunities is by visiting the volunteer center in your city (if your city has one). You can use search engine like Google to find where the volunteer center in your city is located.



3.     Create a LinkedIn profile

If you do not have a Linkedin profile yet, you need to start one very soon. Linkedin is a professional networking site that helps people to connect with other professionals in their industry. By creating a profile on Linkedin you not only can network with others in your industry, but also you can make yourself visible to employers. Linkedin can be vital for an international student to find not only a job or internship, but also a volunteer work opportunity.


What volunteer work you are interested in? Let us know in the comments below.