What’s Better: Homestay or Hotel?

If you are travelling abroad whether is for a long or a brief period, you should consider staying at a homestay. There is no doubt that hotels are a great accommodation option, especially for short term stay, but the better the hotel the higher the cost. Besides the excessive cost of hotels, there are things your money can’t buy, such as the experience to live with locals.


Hotel is an excellent choice if you need a place to stay for a night or two. When you are staying for a week at least, you should consider a homestay. Why? because homestays are not only more affordable than hotels, but offer meal options allowing you to try the local food - homemade style. In addition, living with locals affords you a fully immersive experience in the local culture and will provide the best recommendations for places to visit.

Homestays are usually located far from the tourist areas, but that isn’t a negative. If you’re seeking to fully immerse yourself in the culture rather than just find a place to sleep, homestay offers exciting insights as to what it’s like to live like the locals.

Another great benefit of a homestay compared to a hotel is that at homestay you do not have a strict time to check-in and check-out. The families can be flexible regarding your arrival and departure time. No extra cost for leaving late afternoon on your departure date.

Both hotels and homestays are great, consider both and weigh the information to decide what matters most for you. What you will choose will be up to you and it will depend on your needs. If money is not a factor for you and you would rather have a pool, gym, cleaning service and room service, then a hotel might be a best fit. Now, if you want an affordable place, to feel like you would at home, and immerse in the local culture, then a homestay would be the best choice.



Have you tried both accommodation options? Let us know in the comments below what do you prefer and why?