Benefits of Volunteering in the United States


Whether you are an international student or a participant in our summer immersion program, reserve some of your time to participate in volunteer work. Why? Because you will not only be helping your community and an organization, but also taking the opportunity to volunteer can give you many benefits.

Here is a list of some of the benefits of volunteering in the United States:


  • Improve your language skills

When you volunteer, you are immersing yourself in the language outside the classroom. What better place to improve your language skills than by experiencing real-life situations though volunteer work.


  • Gain new skills

The wonderful thing about volunteering is that it allows you to improve and develop new skills, such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.


  • Make your resume stand out

Whether you have work experience or you would like to fill a gap on your resume, volunteering is a great way for international students to gain new skills and capabilities. By gaining experience in or outside your career field, you are continually showing commitment to a job and most employers value the experience and skills that you have gained whether you were getting paid or not.


  • Start networking

Volunteering is a perfect place to start networking with professionals in your field of study or career. Whether you are volunteering in your career field or not, you will meet people that have similar professional interests. Networking can be very helpful when you start looking for a paid job.


  • Gain self-confidence

Volunteering will help you gain self-confidence. You will be exposing yourself to a variety of opportunities as you learn new skills. You will grow as a person and try new things, all while assisting your community and helping others in need.


  • Opportunity to give back to the community and to help others in need

Volunteering gives you a sense of purpose by giving back to the community and helping others in need. Besides, it allows you to make a difference.



Volunteering is great for everyone. Are you considering volunteering? Let us know in the comments below.