5 Things to Do on The Last Week of Your Study Abroad


You have reached your last week of your study abroad -  you made it!  While it can be a happy time, it’s also a very stressful one. Having to pack, to say goodbye to this new and amazing place you called home for a while, and finally, to say goodbye to your new friends.

On your last week, focus on making the most out of it. Here are things to consider doing on the last week of your study abroad.



1.     Spend the rest of your foreign currency

If you have any foreign currency left, now it’s time to spend it. You do not want to go back home with foreign money that won’t be useful to you. Remember the things you did not buy because you did not know if you would need the money later? Maybe you can purchase them now. Also, buy some extra souvenirs and your favorite candies. You can thank me later for the last one!



2.     Try a new restaurant

We know that there is a great possibility that you visit the same restaurant and eat the same type of food over and over, but now you have reached your last week abroad. Therefore, now is your last chance to try new food and restaurants. Invite your friends and go explore the best food places in your neighborhood!



3.     Follow your friends on social media

You have met many people during your study abroad experience and now that you are returning to your home country, the best way to keep in contact is via social media. Make sure you have added all the friends you wish to keep in touch on your social media. That way you will be able to not only follow their new journeys, but you will also be able to stay in contact. You never know where you are going next!



4.     Visit your favorite place

You should stop by your favorite place one last time before you leave back home. After all it is your favorite place and you would want to experience again. I suppose you will feel like the first time, even though it will be your last -  at least for a while.



5.     Take lots of pictures

Last week opportunity to take photos, so go ahead and take as many as you would like. Photos are a fantastic way to keep your memories intact. Memories inevitable fade away over time, and you want to keep those great moments you lived abroad and what best way than with photos?



What are your plans for your last week of your study abroad? Let us know in the comments below.