Why International Students Should Keep Journals?


Whether you choose a paper, or a digital journal. You should consider keeping a journal if you are going to study abroad because it will keep your memories alive! A digital journal might be an easier way to keep a journal, but it’s important to keep in mind that apps and websites can vanish without notice, the result being the loss of all your information and photos that you have shared once online. A paper journal, on the other hand, are more tangible making them difficult to lose.

You can write daily in a notebook or you can type on Word using your computer or even your phone using any one of the varied journal apps. You can write things daily about what you have learned or accomplished that day or about something interesting or fun that happened during the course of the day. Here are other great ways to keep a digital journal:


·         Create a Blog

A Blog is great because you can not only write, but you can also add digital photo(s) to your post. A text with a photo will help you recall treasured memories, and can help you to relive the feelings you had when that photo was taken. What if you do not wish to share everything? Well, you can keep some posts private.



·         Use Social Media

You can use your personal social media accounts or even create new social media accounts specifically designed exclusively for the photos and information from your time abroad. Of course, you do not need to create a new account for every single social media you have, but a new Instagram account, for example, would be a more efficient way to organize your study abroad photos. This online album of your time abroad can be easily shared with your friends and family, allowing them access to your experiences abroad.

If your personal Twitter account is not private, you can create a new Twitter account and set the account to private. Then, tweet every day whatever comes to mind, because only you will read it. Now imagine going back home and after a couple of years you can go back and check the tweets and photos from your study abroad experience. You will be amazed on how you have changed!


Do you like journals? Do you prefer a digital or an old school paper journal? Let us know in the comments below.