Pros and Cons of a Homestay

A homestay is a very rewarding experience, one in which you will always remember, but there can also be challenges associated with this experience. Like everything else in life, there are pros and cons related to choosing a homestay. Here are both sides of the spectrum that you may want to consider in making your decision:

Pros of a Homestay

  • Affordable rates – no extra fee for utility bills and internet
  • Excellent quality of accommodation
  • Safety
  • Improve your language skills faster
  • Develop long-lasting friendships with an American family
  • Discover a new culture
  • Try activities you’ve never tried before
  • Location
  • The feeling of a home away from home
  • Tips of places from locals
  • Homemade food

Cons of a Homestay

  • Lack of privacy
  • Limited freedom
  • Difficulty in adapting to a new lifestyle
  •  Have to follow the family rules
  • Location

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