Understand Your Responsibilities as a Homestay Student

If you are planning on staying in a homestay, it’s important that you know what your responsibilities are.

As a homestay student you will be responsible to:

  • Greet your host family politely and let them know what name you would like them to call you;
  • Let your host family know important things about yourself on the first day. e.g. allergies, food preferences, habits, etc.;
  • Keep your own bedroom clean and neat;
  • Clean after yourself in the bathroom;
  • Do your own laundry;
  • Help the family with reasonable household chores (i.e. clearing the table, taking out the trash) in a manner equal to that which is expected of other children living in the household;
  • Respect the host parents and follow the reasonable house rules;
  • Inform your host parents at all times of your whereabouts;
  • Obey curfew requirements and ask host parent’s permission in advance to do activities outside of the household. ( for students under 18 years old);
  • Familiarize yourself with school dress code requirements before arriving in the U.S. and make sure that you have appropriate attire in time for the first day of school. (for High School students);
  • Communicate honestly and respectfully with the host parents at all times and take the initiative in bringing the host parents’ prompt attention to any issues or problems that arise. If a problem cannot be resolved through direct communication between the student and the host parents, the student should bring his or her concerns to the attention of Sara’s Homestay or agency (if applicable) for mediation and intervention;
  • Use only appropriate and polite language;
  • Eat food in the kitchen or in any designated eating area. Never eat in your room or bring food into your room for storage, unless given prior permission by your host;
  • Ask permission from your host to invite guests to the house;
  • Bring an internationally accepted credit card and/or a reasonable amount of cash sufficient to cover personal and school expenses. Host families may help students set up local bank accounts.
  • You are expected to pay for the following:
    • Personal items such as clothes, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, body soup/shower gel, etc.
    • Textbooks, school supplies, and school uniforms
    • Personal entertainment expenses
    • Computer and phone purchases and cell phone data plans
    • Any medical expenses not covered by your insurance plan

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