Fulfil Your Family’s New Year’s Resolutions by Hosting International Students


As 2017 comes to an end, millions of Americans are planning for a better 2018, making New Year’s Resolutions for themselves and for their families. Most Americans, though, eventually find that these new commitments will not last the entire year. How then can parents help to improve their families’ chances of keeping up with these resolutions?

Surprisingly, hosting an international student can be a fantastic way to ensure that your family members fulfill their resolutions. Here are the top seven most common New Year’s Resolutions and how an international student can help make these commitments a reality.


1. More Exercise

Finding time to work out can be impossible with a busy parenting schedule for you and a busy extracurricular schedule for your child. Hosting an international student will give you and your family a reason to get out and explore the city, as your student will relish the chance to explore your town. Hosting an international student is an easy and fun way to complete the more exercise resolution.


2. Volunteer to Help Others

Promising to help others is one of those resolutions that hinges on time. Most parents or students simply cannot squeeze in volunteering opportunities, as the average day throughout the year is already crowded with activities.  

Hosting an international student allows busy parents to provide a safe and caring environment to high school students during their time abroad. Parents sending their child across the world for high school need peace of mind, and your home can provide the help that they need.

By opening your home, both you and your child will gain that sense of volunteerism coveted during the holiday and New Year season.


3. Get a Better Education

For the entire family, hosting an international student provides a new cultural perspective, one that cannot simply be found from reading a book or sitting in a classroom. Face-to-face interactions provide a rare opportunity that most students cannot often find elsewhere.   

There is no better way to advance cultural education than to have a person from a different culture living in your home. 

5. Eat Better

Eating healthy is something that all families usually strive for, but for a multitude of reasons, this doesn’t always translate to the dinner table. An international student in your home can help bring focus back to family style meals, which are typically fresher and healthier than meals-on-the-go.  

Additionally, your exchange student will occasionally bring their own cuisine into the home, which can open your family’s palate to new tastes and textures.  


6. Take a Trip

Your family can meet people from around the world, while never leaving your own home, simply by observing different cultural perspectives. Besides, one day, when you do have the time to travel abroad, your family will have a friend to visit on the other side of the world! 


7. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

If you have a spare room in your house, why not recycle it into a bedroom for an international student? Repurposing an unused room might be an unconventional way to recycle. Nonetheless, it is an important and worthwhile resource, especially if you live in a metro area that is in much need of extra space and reasonably priced accommodations.  


Which Resolution Will You Choose?

If you really want your family to fulfil their resolutions, think about hosting an international student with Sara’s Homestay. Make 2018 a great year for you and your family!  

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Happy New Year!