Host Testimonial: “Is this for me?”

“The best part about hosting is having the opportunity to meet people from diverse cultures who are eager to learn about our country and the neighborhoods we serve, as well as giving me the opportunity to learn about their country. I’ve learned that these students are quite optimistic about their homestay and how safe they will be while away from their families and things that they are most accustomed. The more comfortable they are in your home is the best way to making them feel welcome.

One thing I can remember is after a student arrived at my home and I showed him his room, he remarked “is this for me?” as if to say he was not expecting such modest accommodations and that his stay in America would be sub-par and not much to be expected. I was a bit stricken by that remark, however, his surprise may have cleared up any misconceptions that may have brought on that comment. 

I would recommend others to experience this opportunity because it really opens up your way of thinking about other cultures. It is a joy to share my home with these students who want to learn from me about our way of life and enjoy special occasions with the family without feeling left out. Most of all, my cooking is superb and every meal was enjoyed to the fullest. “

Sara’s Homestay Host Angela - Boston, MA


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