How to Make Your Host Bio Stand Out – Part 1

When students look into your host bio, there are two main things they will be focusing their eyes on: (1) your photos, and (2) your short bio. That is why it is so important that you take the time to take pictures of your house and to write a great short bio. This post will be focusing on what photos you should include in order to make your host bio stand out. Next week we will be publishing another post about what you should include in your short bio to make it stand out.

Remember that your target audience is comprised of students, and all they want is to have a sense of comfort; a sense that they are at home. If students choose a homestay as their accommodation option, they are looking for a comfortable environment where they can sleep and study peacefully in comparison to noisy dormitories.

The students want to be able to see pictures of not only where they will be staying, but also a picture of who they will be staying with. Your host bio will be the student’s first impression of you as a host, so make a good one.

If you are wondering what kind of pictures you need to take, here is a list of photos that should be included in your host bio. 


1.     Host or/and family

The picture should show your full face. When you take the picture make sure you are looking into the camera (the same applies for the family photo). A profile photo is important because it is a snapshot of who you are. When students see your profile picture beforehand, once they meet you, they will feel like they already know you.


2.     Front of the house/apt. building/entry

A picture of the exterior of your house can be just as important as the interior. A picture of the outside of the house verifies where the students will be living, and whether it will be in a house or a condo, or an apartment building.


3.     Students’ room

The photo should show the entire room from different angles. Make sure your pictures show everything important in the room, such as the full bed, desk/table, chair, window, lamp, closet, etc.


4.     Bathroom

Include a picture of the bathroom that the student will be using. Make sure you take a full picture of the bathroom, including the sink, shower, and toilet.


5.     Communal areas

At least one picture of the kitchen, living room, and dining room should be provided. Students need to see where they will be eating and hanging out. They can get a feeling of the host’s personality through the house decor and character.


6.     Key amenities

Adding photos of the extras you can provide to the student can definitely make your host bio stand out (i.e. washer and dryer, patio, outdoor table, pool table, tennis table, video game, piano, etc.)


7.     Pet(s), if applicable;

If you have any pets you should definitely take a picture as well. Many students would love to live with pets, while others might be allergic to certain animals. Showing what kind of pet you have upfront can be essential.


Tips: Make sure you tidy up the rooms you will be taking photos off; shoot the photos during the day when there is enough lighting and take pictures from corners as it adds a better perspective of the space.

If you are a current host for Sara’s Homestay and have not provided some of the photos listed above and would like to do so, please email them to us at and we will update your host bio immediately.

Don’t forget to check out our part 2 post next week.

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