How to Make Your Host Bio Stand Out – Part 2

As mentioned in last week’s post, when students look into your host bio, “there are two main things they will be focusing their eyes on (1) your photos and (2) your short bio.” Last week’s post focused on the photos, and today we will go over on what you should include in your short bio to make it stand out. Writing a short bio will allow students to know more about your family and what makes you a great host. Here is a list of some things you should consider including in your short bio:

1.     Tell a little about yourself - 3rd person (she, he, they)

Begin defining your occupation, then describe your family composition, and talk about the other members of the household. Some of the questions you want to answer are: are you married? Do you have children? How old are the children? Do they live with you?


2.     Typical family schedule including weekend activities

Describe your routine; the time you usually wake up, your work schedule, and what you usually do when you get home from work. Talk about what you do in your free time, i.e. watch movies, go to the beach, play board games, etc.


3.     Hobbies/ interests/ passion about hosting students

Describe your hobbies and interests. What are the things you like to do? Do you play an instrument? Talk about it. Also, let the student know what made you become a host.


4.     Describe your property

Begin the paragraph with a headline, something that will make an overview of your home, i.e. spacious condo, stylish townhouse, modern designed family home, etc. Then, describe the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the house, student’s room location, i.e. first floor, basement, second floor, etc. If the student’s room is spacious, add the dimensions. If the room is small, describe as cozy. If the student has a private bathroom, make sure to mention that as well. You can also describe some of the amenities in the house that will be available to the student, such as washer/dryer, patio, game room, etc.


5.     Local amenities

Describe your neighborhood .i.e. quiet residential area, central downtown area, etc. Highlight what is close to you, but focus on the attractions that would most appeal to students, for instance, public transportation, public library, park, movie theater, shopping mall, super market, etc.


If you are a current host for Sara’s Homestay and have not written a short bio yet or would like to update yours, please email to us at and we will update your host bio immediately.

Do you have questions? Leave in the comments below.