Host Testimonial: “From ELS to Earning a Bachelor Degree."

“The best part about hosting for me is enjoying the rich company of students from different backgrounds, cultures and age range. Sharing stories of life experiences, stories and jokes of the day. I have learned a few words from different languages, cooking a few dishes and board games.

I hosted a young Korean teenager boy who came straight out of high school - low English. He excelled from ELS school to Junior College on to earning a Bachelor Degree all in a total of 6 years. He spent all his school years here with me. We both feel thankful for each other and still keep in touch.


I have referred many others and shared my experiences, some stayed in the programs, others claim it's time consuming and cooking is a little overwhelming. I still encourage others and share my student’s friendship with them. Hosting students keep me informed and in touch with the world without traveling.”

Sara’s Homestay Host Althea  - Boston, MA


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