4 Bedroom Decorating Tips for Homestay Hosts


All homestay hosts know that to host an exchange student they need to have a fully furnished private room with window (s), an actual bed, a dresser, a storage closet with sufficient space, and a functional desk and chair. Many hosts only have what is required and expected from them in the bedroom - nothing extra - and there is nothing wrong with that. The following helpful hints will assist you - first-timer host or not – with some inspiration to provide your exchange student’s room with some character.


1.     Mirrors

Adding mirrors to a room is definitely a great touch. Not only you can make a small room to look larger due to the illusion of depth a mirror can cause, but mirrors can make a room to look brighter when placed near a window.



2.     Empty Frames

Displaying empty frames on the bedroom wall will add appealing décor to the room and it will allow your exchange students to place their own artwork within the frames. With this small addition, the room you provide will have the feel of home for your exchange student, while maintaining the room’s neat, clean appearance.



3.     Cushions

Pillows are great, but cushions are a fantastic addition to a bed.  You can buy colorful cushions or ones with motivational messages on them.



4.     Plants

Adding plants to a room will bring it to life. You can mix distinct types of plants, for instance, a lavender, spider plant, and a potted cactus. A little green here and there will give the room the perfect amount of character.



Do you have any decorating tips to share with other homestay hosts? Let us know in the comments below.