Host Testimonial: "I am so grateful for this host family."


“I have been a host for over 8 years now. Being a host has given me knowledge of other cultures, and I have learned so much these past 8 years and to me it has been a great experience, plus the extra income comes in handy.  

I've hosted students and tourists from so many parts of the world, cities and countries I didn’t even knew existed...and that makes me believe I have friends all over the globe which is amazing.  Some guests come for a short period of time and others come for a year or more depending on what they come here to do.  

My most touching moment was on a Thanksgiving dinner, we were hosting 2 boys from China that where here studying high-school. My oldest son made a request from all of us. He wanted all of us to say something we were grateful for.  One of the Chinese boys said " I am so grateful for this host family. I am really lucky to be here"... my heart just melted.  I knew we were doing something right.  

Making a difference in those students' life gives me the satisfaction of knowing I am helping a total stranger in their path. Their families are so far away and knowing they feel special, gives me joy."


Sara’s Homestay Host - Monica – Miami, FL


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