3 Common Misconceptions of Hosting an Exchange Student


Hosting an exchange student is a unique experience and one you and your family will always remember. Welcoming a stranger into your house can be stressful, especially when you do not know what exactly means to host an exchange student. Here is a list of three most common misconceptions of hosting an exchange student.


Your student is not a houseguest

A houseguest is usually a friend or a family member that stays in your home for a short or extended period. For those houseguests we usually offer them the best room, good meals, take them to places, etc. We make sure the houseguests are comfortable during their entire stay. However, one of the misconceptions is that when hosting exchange students, the host needs to treat them as houseguests at all times. In fact, the students will be a guest in your house and you may treat them as you would a houseguest, but keep in mind that you should make your students feel more at home instead of treating them differently because they are guests in your home.



Your student is not your babysitter or housekeeper

While the students are aware that they might be asked to perform house chores same as what other members of the house do, that does not mean that you can ask the students to clean your entire house, or wash your clothes, as well as ask them to watch your children while you are away or busy. The exchange students are here to learn and to share their life with the host family and not to do domestic work.



Your student is not a tenant

Hosts should not treat students as tenants nor should students feel like one. Because students pay for their accommodation, some of them act as a boarder and keep their distance from the family. Although, one of the main reasons students stay in a homestay is to immerse themselves in the culture. If your students exhibit the attitude of a tenant, sit down with them and explain to them that they are part of your family.



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