Host Testimonial: “He dove in the ocean off Miami Beach and caught fishes”


“I have been hosting international students since 2011.  I have met and stayed in contact with some wonderful people throughout the world. During that time, I have had students from Brazil, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Kuwait, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Taiwan, and Turkey.

Having the opportunity to meet people from around the world, learn a little bit about their culture and share ours with them is amazing!

Some students that I hosted, returned to visit me. Recently, a former student and his girlfriend from Germany, were a guest in my house for two weeks, and they plan on returning again.

One student I always remember really well was a deep sea free diving instructor (down to 100 feet). He dove in the ocean off Miami Beach and caught fishes! We grilled fresh fish every weekend.  

One thing I found very interesting is how well known people from Miami Beach can be around the world. I've had students who were so happy to be here because they could run on Miami Beach with Raven. Raven (Google Raven for more information) has been running five miles every day, rain or shine for over forty years.  My student’s friend, Walter from Switzerland, visits me every spring with his girlfriend to run with Raven.

Hosting is a wonderful experience and I am so happy that we got to meet the parents and families of students long after they've returned home when they've vacationed in Miami Beach. We've been invited to dinner by families from Germany, Turkey, all because of the opportunities of hosting students.

I was invited and visited a student friend in Moscow. I stayed with his family, they would not let me stay in a hotel. It was the most memorable and best vacation I have encountered, although I have worked overseas and traveled extensively.”

Sara’s Homestay Host, Bob - Miami Beach, FL


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