Hosting International Students Shouldn’t Be Complicated

Hosting international students can be challenging, but it shouldn’t be complicated. As it is a very exciting experience and gives you the opportunity to not only learn about new cultures and customs, but to teach about your own as well.


Some people believe that hosting international students is complicated because you will have to prepare meals, drive students to school, and be somehow responsible for their well-being while living with you; however, not all students requires all that care. College students or non-minor students that come to the United States to learn English or to work will not require you to provide transportation, prepare meals, and to drive them to school or work. Those students will be living with you to experience the American life by sharing the daily life with you and your family. High school students might need more attention from you, but at the end of their stay, you and your family will have a new child in another part of the world!

There is occasional concern from many hosts regarding the student’s adaptation to this new culture. Some students make a very smooth transition into a new culture. Some are slower than others. Some will be more open to the new culture, while others might keep to themselves and avoid new experiences. That doesn’t make hosting a complicated task. If you enjoy having people over your house, enjoy talking, and love learning about new cultures, hosting can be a fun and mutually beneficial experience. In addition, there are as many kinds of students as there are hosts, and you can leave this process to us and trust that the professionals at Sara’s Homestay will assure a match that will best fit your family!

If you have a spare room and have interested in becoming a host, you can follow this quick steps and you can start hosting international students sooner than you think.