Host Testimonial: “I like to learn from them and see the difference on their cultures.”


“My experience on hosting was always good and different every time. I had people from everywhere and all ages. When they are young I always feel the need to take care of them and get in the mother role. I tell them the rules of the house but give them plenty of space to feel at home.

I like to learn from them and see the difference on their cultures. Once I had a Turkish girl, young and beautiful, her name is Buse. When I met her, I realized that she didn't speak any English, nothing but hello actually. But we still manage to have conversations using google translate and we had a great time.

I remember her asking me the first night if I had a pool in my condo and I said yes but closes at night. And then I said let's go try to see if we can swim at night. I always wanted to do it but never done it and when she asked me I said let's do it... it was so much fun ...we had such a great time since that day until today we keep in touch. She was so adorable and respectful. I really miss her. 

I also had 2 Brazilian sisters that where so nice and I had great time with. We used to go to the pool during the day with our music and even cook desserts together. I love the fact that they trusted me and they were happy at my house. That always makes me feel good.

Overall, I think hosting is a good experience and you could learn a lot from it. If you are a people person and open to see different cultures is a great experience and everyone should try it at least once.” 

Sara’s Homestay Host, Carolina S - Sunny Isles Beach, FL


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