How to Become a Host

Becoming a host means more than providing room and board; you will be welcoming a part of the world into your home and adding a new member into your family. Every year we bring thousands of international students into the United States to study, and our hosts welcome them and help make their transition into American culture much smoother.

International students prefer a homestay versus other types of accommodations for many reasons, but the main motive is because they want to immerse in the local culture. Students want more than just to learn about the American culture, they want to live like an American.

If you are interested to know how you can become one of our wonderful homestay families, first you will need to meet the requirements below:

  1. You are happy to host an international student at your home;
  2. You have a fully furnished private room with window(s), a real bed with bedding, a dresser, closet space, a desk and chair, etc.;
  3. You are willing to provide a continental breakfast;
  4. You have Wi-Fi internet access throughout the home;

Do you have all the above? Great! Now you can follow the steps below and become part of Sara’s Homestay hosts community.


Complete and submit the online application


Email  7-8 photographs in JPG format of the following:

  1. Host/home owner or/and family;
  2. Front of the house/apt. building/entry;
  3. Student’s room(s);
  4. Bathroom;
  5. Pet(s), if applicable;
  6. Communal areas and key amenities, such as dining room, kitchen, living room, family room, foyer/entrance hall, yard, patio/deck, porch, laundry, pool, piano, spa/Jacuzzi, gym, etc.


Schedule a home visit


Wait to hear from us with a student match!

For your hosting services, Sara’s Homestay will be paying you a monthly stipend.

Questions? Let us know in the comments bellow.