Understand Your Responsibilities as a Host

If you are planning on hosting international students, it’s important that you know what your responsibilities are as a host so that there is no surprises later.

As a host you will be responsible to provide the student with:

  • A fully furnished private room with window(s), an actual bed, a dresser, a storage closet with sufficient space, and a functional desk and chair.
  • Towels, pillows, and linens;
  • Toilet paper and hand washing soap;
  • Functional WiFi internet access throughout household;
  • A key to your home and show the student(s) how to lock-up;
  • Continental Breakfast (Coffee or juice, butter or jam, toast, cereal or bagel, etc.);
  • Dinner 5 or 7 nights a week (if service is requested by Sara’s Homestay);
  • A warm welcome when student arrives at home;
  • Pick-up student from the airport (if service is requested by Sara’s Homestay). I a pick-up is not requested, someone should be home to greet the student;
  • A friendly and welcoming environment. The student should feel as if they were a member of your family;
  • Explaining the various methods of transportation to and from school and extracurricular activities (including public transportation if it is safe and convenient);
  • A tour of the house;
  • Explain how to use the household machines, e.g. dishwasher and washer & dryer (if applicable);
  • Explain the household routine;
  • Explain the household rules, and clear, reasonable expectations;
  • Information on your family and the area in which you live;
  • Constant communication. Your student is most likely to improve his or her English, so it is important that you seek out your student and encourage him or her to practice speaking;


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